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Canít stand the frizz? Then hereís the perfect defining cream for your hair

Lord, the saga of hair. Mine has been having such a time of it lately. I had two colour disasters, one after the other, and frankly would still be wearing a giant hat and crying if it hadnít been for the magical ministrations of the hair colourist Josh Wood himself. The saga is, of course, to do with the fact that I am not quite ready to release the grey (white?) hair thatís been lurking under my colour since my early thirties. Actually, Josh and I made a plan ó I will keep you posted, because this problem comes to every woman at some point, and while it seems relatively easy if youíre blonde, it really isnít if youíre dark. There has to be a way of easing yourself in gradually that doesnít give you conniptions, and I plan on finding it.

Anyway, so the poor old hair (which is now lovely new hair) was traumatised after disasters one and two, and I found myself in my least-liked hair situation: that of knowing I should wash it really gently, then leave it alone to grieve, no product, no heat. I canít do this ó well, I can, but then I canít leave the house, due to Cloud OíFrizzô. I donít know why Iím saying this as though leaving the house were my favourite thing, instead of my absolute worst one ó I am the queen of Fogo. But still: dramarama on the hair front. And then I remembered that when I had my recent excellent cut, I bought a bottle of Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream (£24) as well.

(Excellent cut: Aldo at Martyn Maxey, in Marylebone, and yes, I know itís annoying to make London recommendations, but I went on the train, too ó a six-hour round trip, thanks very much. Worth it.)

There was a moment, a few years ago, when Moroccanoil was everywhere, and then it all went quiet while everybody got in on the argan oil act. Well, itís around again, doing cleansers and exfoliators and all sorts of things. The hair stuff remains brilliant, and the range is much better now if your hair is fine. The Intense Curl Cream is fantastically moisturising, like giving your hair a delicious, nutritious drink, and two pumps on damp hair killed my frizz while keeping the waves soft.

It also smells absolutely divine ó at least I think so. If you donít like the smell, you have a problem, because itís distinctive and it lasts for ever, so go and sniff a bottle if you havenít used Moroccanoil before.

The bottom line: if you have any type of problematic curly/wavy hair, and would like it to look more composed and under control, whether you blow-dry it or let it dry naturally, then this product will really help you. Some curl creams have a laminating effect, so you feel like theyíre sitting on your hair ó this isnít one of those.

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