Hair Highlights, Mayfair & Marylebone

Our hairdressing salon is based in Wigmore Street, and offers hair highlighting services to the Mayfair and Marylebone area of central London.

Highlighting is our passion and we do as much hair highlights as any colour only salon. We have 8 colourists on hand to attend any highlighting you can dream of. We achieve perfect colour matching and not only use hair swatches, but many other colour references. In our colour consultation both the colourist and you the client, are talking the same colour. What most people still do not realise is the degree of sophisticated variation we can achieve by varying the style of hair highlighting. By varying the amount of foil packets the amount of hair woven out, the depth and the colour alternations an infinite amount of colours and shading can be achieved.

We search out the best hair highlights solution for you then record it for future reference so we can recreate or develop as you require. We often see variation between summer and winter as the natural light is different, being warmer in the summer, and cooler in the winter.

Colour has really developed way beyond plain fine highlights . Shading and colours that previously were unachievable are now easily possible. Please have a free consultation with one of our expert colourists to seek out the perfect colour solution for you which will enhance your face and compliment your hair cut.